LIS alignment

You can input the BLAST result either by loading it from a local disk file

or, you can paste the BLAST result below :

HSP identity cutoff:
Context Logic:

HSP identity cutoff:
all the HSPs with identities below this cutoff are going to be filtered out.

Context Logic :
when 'Yes', the multiple hits (if there are) are arranged based on their relations in the coverage of the query sequence. For example, if the first (longest) hit covers 100% of the query sequence, while the second one only covers 30% of the query, then only the first hit is output and the rest hits will be discarded. This context logic is useful when you search a cDNA or mRNA sequence against a genome map to find its corresponding gene position, because the correct gene should cover roughly the whole cDNA sequence while homologous genes usually cover just partial regions of the cDNA sequence. However, if the second hit has almost the same coverage as the first (longest) hit, i.e., within 5%, we still keep it.